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  • Large Groups

    Large Group 3 Course

    $89 per Person

    Wine Pairing $55


    (v) *green & white asparagus soup

    potato, spring onion

    (v) *star route salad greens

    ,brokaw avocado, radish, fresh feta, nori ranch

    *crudo & tartar of bluefin tuna

    ,namasu, yuzu buttermilk, thai basil


    (v) black truffle & porcini ravioli

    fresh black truffle

    *Snake River farms flat iron

    la ratte potatoes, zuckermans asparagus, morel mushrooms, calcot

    *Alaskan halibut

    wild rice and local crab, NZ spinach, fiddleheads, kohlrabi, lobster nage


    (v) *lemongrass & coconut milk panna cotta

    McGinnis ranch strawberries, pinenut and buckwheat granola

    (v) *chocolate pot d’crème

    candied pecans, griottes, chantilly cream


    *signature dish uni crème brulee

    hokkaido uni, reserve caviar, yuzu tobiko, trout roe, crostini $35 supplement

    *lobster risotto

    sea lettuce, spring vegetables, reggiano, yuzu $32 supplement/ $62 if served "animal style"

    (v) housemade rosemary focaccia

    $7 with olive oil; $12 with tallegio cheese fonduta

    (v) vegetarian * gluten-free or can be

    wine pairing $55

    not all ingredients are listed please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions consuming raw or undercooked protein may increase your risk of foodborne illness 20% service charge - 6% surcharge for SF mandates

    vegan *marinated hodo tofu

    local asparagus, brussels sprouts, butter beans, pumpkin seed romesco

  • Family Style Menu

    3 rd Cousin 

    Family Style Menu

    (v) snap pea & kale fritters– point reyes toma cheese, mint tzatiki, za’atar

    (v) *meadowood farms little gems– baby radish, feta cheese, nori ranch, avocado

    (v) *burrata– artichoke , smoked potato, kumquat, black truffle vinaigrette & sunflower

    *grilled octopus & rock shrimp– butter bean, carrot, pumpkin seed, ramp chimichurri 

    *hamachi crudo & tartare– namasu, green grape, yuzu-buttermilk, thai basil, ogo


     (v) casarecce– local morel mushrooms, asparagus, crème fraîche & essex gouda

    (v) porcini & truffle ravioli- “francese”


    *norther halibut- lobster nage

    *charcoal grilled snake river farms flat iron steak

    (v) sides

    local asparagus, cauliflower

    (v) *salt and pepper brussels sprouts– smoked date & tamarind “butter”, herbs


    Chefs Desserts


    Add for the table:

    Signature dish– *uni crème brûlée 37

     (v) summer truffle 25

     (v) Focaccia & EVOO 9

    (v) with taleggio fonduta 12

    with ramp butter 12

    *gluten-free or can be (v) vegetarian

    Chefs Tasting

    Spring 2024 Chefs Tasting Menu $165  Traditional Wine Pairing $99

    YOLO Wine Pairing $300



    Lobster Risotto


    2oz A5 Omi Shiga



    *Tempura Oyster, Kabocha Squash Arancini, Smoked Aioli, Radish

    *Big Eye Tuna Crudo & Tartare, Namasu Yuzu Buttermilk, Thai Basil, Green Grape

    *Santa Barbara Uni Crème Brûlée, Reserve Caviar, Trout Roe, Yuzu Tobiko, Crostini

    *Maine Diver Scallop, Rock Shrimp Wild Rice, Fiddlehead, Lobster Nage

    Porcini & Black Truffle Ravioli “Francese”

    *Duck Breast, Celeriac, White Asparagus, Red Currant & Olive Sauce

    *Hojicha Panna Cotta, Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Pine Nut Granola

    Milk Chocolate Hoho, Griotte


    *Gluten-free or can be 

    Executive Chef Greg Lutes

    +20% Service and 7% SF Mandates

  • Venue Buyout

    Available from 5pm onwards, until midnight

    Entire restaurant is closed to the public

    Maximum seated: 49, maximum standing: 70

    Party size determines buyout rate

    Family Style Dinners and Tasting Menus Also available.

    Capacity: 37