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The second you step inside 3rd Cousin, a foodie haven in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood, you instantly feel at home. And that warmth is exactly what chef and owner Greg Lutes wants you to experience. He has always believed that there is nothing more intimate than sharing a good meal amongst friends, and everyone is invited to his table.

With a globally inspired and elegant take on California cuisine, 3rd Cousin has been bringing neighbors together since 2015. The community instantly embraced Lutes and his unique concept: taking cosmopolitan dishes and sprinkling a bit of small town love into each one. Plus, Lutes and his team are known for fusing local, organic, and seasonal favorites with unexpected, innovative ingredients so you’ll never have the same dinner experience twice.

There is one signature dish that has people coming back again and again: his Uni Creme Brulee. A spin on the classic dessert, this appetizer places yuzu tobiko, reserve caviar, and trout roe on a crostini for a bite of pure joy.

Growing up in the small town of Malden, Illinois (population 350), Lutes fell in love with cooking at a young age. After graduating from Kendall College in Chicago, he went on to cook for some of the most prestigious restaurants in the country, including Daniel in New York City and Everest in Chicago.

He eventually found himself in San Francisco where he built a following through his Kinfolk pop-up series. The positive response propelled him to open 3rd Cousin and his hard work continues to pay off. 3rd Cousin was recently featured in the 2021 Michelin Guide for California as a ‘New Discovery’ restaurant, officially securing its spot on the fine dining map.

When I think of Greg Lutes and his restaurant, 3rd Cousin, the first word that comes to mind is community. Greg doesn’t believe fine dining should just be for the one percent – everyone should be able to sit around a table and enjoy delicious, unique, and high-caliber dishes no matter their background. Greg is so passionate about giving back to his community that he often opens up 3rd Cousin’s kitchen to aspiring young chefs, offering cooking classes and sharing his deep love of food with all.

Not only does he respect the craft of cooking, but he also respects the journey. The most compelling dishes are not afraid to adapt with the season. Greg works closely with local farmers, trusted partners, and sommeliers to make sure every dining experience is truly unique. No two dishes are ever the same which keeps his creative juices flowing and his guests guessing what he will come up with next. By mixing his passion for fine dining with compassion, Greg has built a space where everyone can thrive.

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